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Minecraft Java (1.7+), Minecraft Bedrock or servers with enable-query=true are supported.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I don't want to my server status shown here, how can I hide it?

Set enable-status and enable-query to false in the server.properties file.

Disabling enable-status will also hide the status in the server list in-game, but you will still be able to join the server.

If your server software does not have/use a server.properties file, please ask the developer of the software for a solution.

Your page shows all plugins on my server, how do I disable that?

For Bukkit/Craftbukkit/Spigot: Set query-plugins to false in your bukkit.yml file and restart your server.

For other server software: Look in the documentation for it.

Why can't I see all players on the server?

Vanilla Minecraft servers only return a maximum of 12 random player names when you request the status.

To return all player names, the server must set enable-query to true in the server.properties file.

Why don't you show the ping to the server?

I can only measure how good the connection is from my webserver, and that is not really useful for anyone.

Open Minecraft and add the server if you want to know the ping from your computer.

How long do you cache server responses?

Server responses are currently cached for: 10 minutes.

Other questions or problems?

Please send an e-mail to: info@mcsrvstat.us

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